The Great Mother

'Winner of the Tesselaar Sculpture Prize for 2009

Diane Thompson’s The Great Mother is an iconic symbolic form that captures the essence of life, nourishment and endeavour. Wicked in colour and noble in presence as it stands in the company of symmetry, flora and abstraction; it has universal appeal."

Dan Wollmering, PhD Senior Lecturer, Department of Fine Arts, Monash University

The Great Mother   2009

The Great Mother   2009

The Lotus  

Winner of The Inaugural Association of Sculptors of Victoria Award 2011 Castlemaine State Festival

"Innovative and playful exploration in materials "

Tony Conway Visual Arts, Lecturer La Trobe University

The Lotus  2011

The Lotus  2011

Detours Exhibition  Castlemaine State Festival 2014

Diane is an artist who has never balked at exploring new forms or mediums.

This suite of work is quite different from the last I saw – but to me is not so much a detour, as an evolution. 

Diane has taken for inspiration a piece of naïve nineteenth century pastoral art, reclaiming its stylisation to perfectly sit within this current, contemporary, setting.

She has simultaneously reclaimed the materials chosen, to create five chapters of her own personal history.  Does the viewer need to know what these back stories are?  I don’t think so; but if the artist does choose to share them, it is a pure bonus.

Sandra Bruce Collections ManagerBendigo Art Gallery

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